4K Software Compression

4K Software Compression

YUAN's capture solution have a hands of hardware and software products from 8K, 4K to HD that digitize and record video in real-time. The capture solution provide multiple interfaces and form factors to video capturing with ultra low latency. It can also be used for live streaming events and sharing recorded videos online, providing flexibility and cost-effective solution. It can be used for professional or personal projects, remote collaboration, surveillance, education and training.


Revolutionary Synchronized Multi-Channel Capture

Our patented technology revolutionizes synchronized multi-channel capture ( Surround Capture ), seamlessly merging diverse video streams into an expansive format such as 16K or beyond. This breakthrough allows developers to access this extensive output effortlessly using traditional software, without any need for modification.

Enhanced HDR Tone Mapping

HDR tone mapping is a post-processing technique that employs an algorithm to accurately map an image's tone, creating a natural and realistic visual representation. Our capture card features a built-in HDR tone mapping engine, allowing smooth switching between modern HDR and legacy SDR formats.

High Smoothness for 4K/2K at 120fps

The combination of 4K/2K resolution and 120fps provides optimal smoothness and clarity for videos and games.

High-Quality Video Capture with 4:4:4 and 10bits Depth

Capturing video in 4:4:4 and 10bits depth guarantees exceptional video processing quality. The 4:4:4 format preserves vivid color details, and the 10bits color depth ensures precise color representation and lighting accuracy. This combination leads to superior visual excellence and increased flexibility for realistic post-processing.

ANC Data Capture from SDI Signals

Our solution enables the capture of Ancillary Data ( ANC Data ) from SDI signals within television systems. This entails embedding non-video information such as audio, timecode, closed caption, and other metadata directly into the serial digital interface.