Slim, Powerful, Visually Brilliant !

The SmarVDO Air system utilizes NVIDIA's Jetson Orin series, integrating the Jetson Orin NX embedded module to provide a powerful 100 TOPS artificial intelligence video processing capability. Its innovative dual-board design reshapes the conventional layout of typical boards on the market, catering to customers with ultra-thin requirements or various expansion needs. Additionally, YUAN's full range of industrial video capture cards seamlessly pairs with NVIDIA Jetson Orin.

The exceptionally slim and power-efficient Air platform transcends the size constraints of traditional AI platforms. Beyond its compact form, it offers flexibility and versatility. We welcome customers to reach out, engage in discussions, and explore how the highly integrated Air platform can be applied to diverse scenarios, aiding industries in their comprehensive AI transformations.


 — Broad Product Line —

I/O Daughter Board


Carrier Board


 — Peripheral Module —


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Extremely Thin and Light 

Leveraging YUAN's existing strong development capabilities, the AIR6N0 series is capable of delivering up to 100 TOPS of AI computational speed within the dimensions of a standard PCB, while also offering a fanless option for low power consumption, meeting the diverse needs of various customers.

Diverse I/O Boards Integration 

In addition to providing up to 100 TOPS of AI computational speed, YUAN has developed a variety of packages for the AIR6N0, including commonly used HDMI 2.1 interfaces for audio and video, 12G-SDI interfaces for broadcasting, and even GMSL2 interfaces suitable for automotive applications, covering a wide range of needs.


Customized I/O Board Design

Beyond the diverse range of existing packages for the AIR6N0, we invite you to engage with YUAN for a comprehensive discussion of your requirements. YUAN specializes in tailoring the most suitable I/O solutions, optimizing the utilization of Jetson Orin NX capabilities. Please don't hesitate to reach out, and allow us to craft the optimal configuration that precisely aligns with your needs.

Rich AI Pre-Trained Models

VPP offers 40+ AI models, speeding up AI adoption for customers. We also collaborate with them to enhance video analysis accuracies and capabilities.

Powerful NexVDO SDK Support

YUAN's platform seamlessly integrates video pre-processing and post-processing techniques, including low-latency RDMA capture, color conversion, deinterlacing, and efficient display. It also includes encoding/decoding technologies for H.26X and AV1, along with built-in modules for diverse recording modes and streaming protocols. This empowers developers to quickly achieve multi-channel 4K60 video tasks, including capture, recording, streaming, and AI analysis.


NVIDIA's OEM Partner

Through our strong partnership with NVIDIA, the VPP6N0 series not only leverages their advanced technology but also provides complete smart visual solutions. It excels in performance across diverse application scenarios.   

— Technology —


Generative AI

Equipped with exceptional computing power and ample memory, Jetson Orin is particularly well-suited for Generative AI applications. Generative AI is better suited to different scenarios than discriminative AI in the past. Unsupervised or semi-supervised learning allows Generative AI to better understand hidden information in videos, making it easier to recognize and locate objects in different scenes without the need for repeated labeling and training.

Advanced AV1 4:4:4 Codec Core

The VPP6N0 adopts the industry-leading AV1 4:4:4 encoding and decoding technology, ensuring minimal compression loss while preserving more original video details. It also offers higher transmission speed and clarity.

NVIDIA® GPUDirect® and GPUDirect RDMA Technology

YUAN's VPP6N0 series fully supports NVIDIA® GPUDirect® and GPUDirect® Remote Direct Memory Access ( RDMA ) technologies. This integration significantly improves image access performance and reduces CPU loading, meeting the demands of ultra-low latency video applications.

Exclusive 5G Low-Latency Streaming Technology

Built on the Orin NX platform, VPP6N0 integrates a multi-channel 5G module design for long-range video transmission. With 4K60 4:4:4 video capture capability, advanced H26X and AV1 encoding, and YUAN's SkyLink X streaming, it achieves ultra-low latency ( ≦ 50ms ) from capture to display. VPP6N0 is ideal for remote control applications like drones and autonomous vehicles.

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