Dante AV

Dante AV

From hardware to software to system-to-system interoperability, Dante AV provides users with a complete system setup service. For example, Dante Controller can automatically detect all Dante AV devices in the same domain, while Dante Domain Manager can group these devices and configure access rights. For large venues and schools with dozens or even hundreds of AV processing devices, Dante AV is undoubtedly the most flexible and convenient choice. YUAN has developed a number of Dante AV-H and Dante AV Ultra product series with different missions : Dante AV-H requires only 100Mbps bandwidth and less than 100ms video transmission delay, which is ideal for intelligent education and webcasting; while Dante AV Ultra supports 4K60 444 high definition video and lossless compression. The Dante AV Ultra supports 4K60 444 HD video and lossless compression technology, and has a very low 8ms latency and precise video and audio synchronisation, making it ideal for large-scale events such as concerts and sports events.



Multi Input Interface

In a variety of application scenarios, preferences for input interfaces may vary. YUAN's solutions support a wide range of interfaces from 4K to SD, covering HDMI, DP, SDI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, Composite, and S-Video. we are committed to assisting our customers in finding the most suitable solution for their specific applications.

Complete Product Lines

YUAN has always been committed to making it easy and flexible for users to set up Dante AV systems, and has therefore launched a number of product series with integrated Tx and Rx functions. Take the SC6E0 series as an example, this series of products also has a variety of signal inputs and outputs such as SDI, HDMI, etc., and supports Dante AV encoding or decoding. This allows you to build a Dante AV solution that best suits your needs in the simplest way.

Video and Audio Synchronization

Low-latency and high-quality audio transmission is a key feature of Dante AV, especially in application scenarios that require real-time audio processing. This makes Dante AV the preferred choice for live performances, music production and broadcasting, providing users with unrivalled audio and visual enjoyment.

Dante Controller & DDM

All Dante AV devices can be configured and operated via the Dante Controller, which is ready to use as soon as it is downloaded. The matrix UI design allows you to quickly grasp the status of all the devices and adjust them at any time.DDM ( Dante Domain Manager ) is an advanced management software that can be used to manage the network structure and group the devices to reduce the burden on the system. In addition, the system is equipped with a privilege management mechanism to protect system privacy.

Pack and Go - PoE

The PoE feature allows devices to be powered via an RJ45 network cable without the need for an additional power supply. If you have a PoE switch, the SC6E0 series, which supports multiple interfaces, is ideal for your deployment.