Automatic Mineral Filling System


In mines, collected minerals need to be loaded into mine cars. Traditionally, this part of the work needs to be done manually by operators.

However, mine operations have the following characteristics :
24-hour operation : Mines need to operate 24 hours a day to ensure production efficiency.

Harsh working environment : The mine environment is usually dusty and noisy, which poses a threat to the health and safety of operators.

Complex operation process : The mineral filling operation requires close monitoring by the operator and adjustment according to the on-site situation. The workload is large and easy to make mistakes.

Therefore, mine operations have the following requirements :
Improve operational efficiency : Reduce the workload of operators and improve the efficiency of mineral filling operations.

Reduce operating costs : Reduce the reliance on operators and reduce labor costs.

Improve operational safety : Reduce the working time of operators in harsh environments and reduce safety risks.


Our QDEEP SDK provides functions such as mine car detection, mineral sand segmentation, and mine car number recognition to analyze the on-site situation and record it as a video for subsequent playback and viewing.
After the software obtains the AI detection results, it performs the corresponding PLC control to control the mine car and the mineral hopper to create a fully automatic mineral filling system.


System Architecture Diagram

Key Benefits

Improve Operational Efficiency
• Automated mineral filling operations can reduce the workload of operators and shorten the operation time.
• The system can be set according to the mineral filling amount to achieve precise control, avoid mineral overflow or shortage, and improve operational efficiency.

Reduce Operating Costs
Reducing the reliance on operators can reduce labor costs.
The system can improve the accuracy of mineral filling and reduce mineral waste, thereby reducing production costs.

Improve Operational Safety
Reduce the working time of operators in harsh environments and reduce safety risks.
The system can provide mineral filling records for easy management and analysis, improving operational safety.

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