H.26X technology is one of the most widely used compression technologies in the world, and is used in various audio and video applications, such as streaming platforms, video conferencing, live broadcasting, etc. YUAN takes advantage of its low-latency and high compression ratio to create embedded solutions ranging from 100M to 1G, and from SD to 4K. In addition to being equipped with a Web UI and HTTP APIs for user access, all of our product lines offer powerful NexVDO SDK integration for advanced developers. This SDK provides X86-like feature support and technical services on different embedded platforms, and has been enriched over the years to provide developers with excellent support.

Multi Input Interface

In a variety of applications, preferences for input interfaces may vary, and YUAN's solutions support a wide range of interfaces, from 4K to SD, including HDMI, DP, SDI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, Composite, S-Video. From 4K to SD, covering HDMI, DP, SDI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, Composite, S-Video, we are committed to assisting our customers in finding the most suitable solution for their specific application.

Complete Product Lines

YUAN has always been committed to making it easy for users to set up AV over IP systems, and has therefore launched a number of products that combine Tx and Rx. For example, SC6F0 and SC6F0 series products have both SDI and HDMI signal outputs, and also support encoding and decoding, which help you to set up the most suitable solution in the easiest way. On the other hand, we also provide a streaming solution for X86 platform that can be freely paired with PCIe video capture cards, which opens up more possibilities and application scenarios for users.

SDK Support

YUAN has a rich product lines to cover numerous solutions including H.26X, users can pick suitable solutions from 100M to 1G base on their case. The wide range products indeed provide the flexibility in application design.

Web UI

Instead of connecting key board & mouse to YUAN's device or control through RS232/485, our solution provides web based UI to control the whole system. Protocols or even layouts can be manipulated through user friendly UI in instinct !

Various Bit Rate & Stream Protocol Support

YUAN's codecs support multiple bandwidths and streaming protocols, which can be quickly applied to various fields and devices. For example, HLS which is mostly used in Apple devices, and RTMP/RTSP, which is commonly used in YouTube live streaming, can be adjusted in real-time through the Web UI interface.