With the improvement of image transmission quality, the demand for network bandwidth has been increasing. To meet the requirements of delay-free, uncompressed image transmission, such as 4K60 4:4:4 10Bits, SDVoE chooses to use 10G networks as the transmission interface. Combined with SDVoE Controller and built-in KVM technology, you can freely switch image sources, allowing easy configuration of desired image presentations on any RX, whether it's for Multiview, Video Wall, or other applications. In terms of audio, SDVoE supports bidirectional non-embedded audio, enabling real-time communication while streaming. YUAN integrates SDVoE technology with various transmission signals and encoding/decoding protocols, increasing compatibility with other devices and expanding the versatility of SDVoE technology. For instance, in complex medical environments with strict requirements for image quality and latency, YUAN's SDVoE decoders significantly simplify the number of devices and wiring complexity.

Multi Input Interface

In various application scenarios, preferences for input interfaces may vary. YUAN's solution supports a wide range of interfaces, from 4K to SD, covering HDMI, DP, SDI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, Composite, and S-Video. We are committed to assisting customers in finding the most suitable solution for their specific applications.

Complete Product Lines

YUAN offers a wide range of SDVoE solutions, including Transceiver, Receiver, Transmitter, and Capture Card. The Capture Card, in particular, features multiple PCIe and M.2 interfaces, allowing flexible application of uncompressed 4K60 images in various fields. This transceiver integrates multiple encoding schemes, providing users with the flexibility to choose the most solution for their application needs within the bandwidth range of 100Mbps to 10Gbps.

Fiber / Copper Selectable

YUAN's SDVoE solutions are compatible with both Fiber and Copper, allowing for quick integration into existing systems without the need for extensive adjustments to current connections. The V2 series and Transceiver can even simultaneously support both Copper and Fiber. Whether it's for long-distance, low-radiation Fiber or more flexible Copper configurations, they can be flexibly utilized based on specific requirements.

Fanless Design

Derived from years of design experience, YUAN has successfully launched a variety of fanless, low-power SDVoE encoders and decoders that cater to your application and performance requirements in various fields. If you need to deploy a system outdoors, we also offer rugged enclosures that prioritize durability and aesthetics, enhancing the product's lifespan.

2019 SDVoE Best Awarded

SC710N1-L SDVoE is the winner of Members’ Choice Awards in 2019, voted by all SDVoE Alliance® members. YUAN released the first SDVoE solution in PCIe format, allowing PC users to embrace SDVoE 4K lossless video transmission. The solution is coming in low profile and without a fan, making it a fitting choice for studios where quiet operation is a necessity.