YUAN Presents the Full Range of NVIDIA AI Platforms at Embedded World China 2024


YUAN ( Stock Code : 5474 ), a pioneer in the field of video and audio acquisition, will participate in Embedded World China from 2024/6/12-14 at booth 306 to showcase full range of NVIDIA AI platforms.

YUAN's Video Processing Platform ( VPP ), powered by NVIDIA's Jetson Orin™ family, including several embedded modules such as IGX Orin™, AGX Orin™, Orin™ NX, and Orin™ Nano. It offers AI video processing capabilities ranging from 20 TOPS to 700 TOPS. Combined with YUAN's full range of capture modules and SDK, capable to support multiple 4K60 channels simultaneously for capture, recording, streaming and analysis. Suitable for traffic monitoring, industrial security, agricultural pest control and other fields.

It has AI video processing capabilities of up to 700 TOPS. Paired with YUAN's complete series of capture modules and the unique NexVDO video development SDK, it can handle multi-channel 4K60 video operations at the same time.

The innovative dual-board design reshapes the traditional layout of typical boards on the market and can meet diverse expansion needs. In addition, YUAN’s full range of industrial video capture cards work seamlessly with NVIDIA Jetson Orin. The lightweight, ultra-thin, and highly energy-efficient AIR6N0 breaks through the size limitations of traditional artificial intelligence platforms and is flexible and versatile.

It is an all-in-one AI camera with Sony's High Definition and High Sensitivity sensing technologies, and supports Rolling Shutter and Global Shutter for shooting in a variety of applications. The independent hardware ISP design enables image processing and optimisation without consuming CPU/GPU resources.

In addition, NeuroEye also supports HDR ( High Dynamic Range Imaging ) to capture clearer and more detailed images in high-contrast scenes.


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