YUAN Unveils Advanced AI Solutions at COMPUTEX 2024


June 3rd, 2024 — YUAN today announces the launch of its groundbreaking solutions at COMPUTEX 2024, showcasing a suite of AI-driven products designed to revolutionize smart manufacturing, real-time data processing, and intelligent security. Leveraging the power of the NVIDIA Jetson and enterprise-ready NVIDIA IGX platforms, and fueled by generative AI and advanced vision AI technologies, YUAN’s new offerings promise enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and productivity across multiple industries.

Smart Manufacturing Innovation

YUAN introduces an advanced solution for smart manufacturing that integrates the NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX 16GB system-on-module with GIGE/USB3 Vision Standard cameras and robotic arms. This technology captures images through cameras and utilizes Wise Finder's AI for real-time defect analysis. Remarkably, the solution requires only 50 or fewer golden samples for training, reducing the need for extensive annotated data. The NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ system, featuring 16 digital inputs (DI) and 16 digital outputs (DO), offers versatile connectivity for various sensors and actuators, eliminating the need for additional PLCs. This robust system can connect and control multiple robotic arms, facilitating multitasking operations and precise defect handling, which significantly improves productivity in industries like automotive, electronics, and manufacturing.

Enterprise-Grade Real-Time AI for Industrial and Medical Edge

YUAN’s integration of NVIDIA Holoscan Sensor Bridge in the NVIDIA IGX platform enhances real-time data management and AI processing. Holoscan Sensor Bridge, designed with FPGA technology, allows sensor data to be collected and transmitted to GPU memory under UDP for AI calculations, leveraging the power of NVIDIA accelerated computing for efficient, low-latency data processing. This makes it ideal for mission-critical applications requiring precise real-time data, such as medical devices, robotics, scientific computing, and autonomous machines. With its high-bandwidth sensor processing — providing up to 1,705 trillion operations per second (TOPS) of AI compute — enterprise security, and functional safety, the NVIDIA IGX platform provides the performance, durability, security, and safety to enable AI at the edge.

Intelligent Security Solutions

YUAN's SmartVDO series, powered by NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™, offers groundbreaking intelligent security solutions. The SmartVDO Edge, using the NVIDIA VILA visual language model, enhances image and video summarization to identify hazardous incidents accurately. The VILA model is capable of vision and language understanding and can provide precise descriptions of dangerous, potentially life-threatening scenarios. This technology brings generative AI to solve challenges in industrial safety and security systems, enabling real-time or retrospective detection and search for dangerous events. Having successfully deployed the series with Taiwan's leading security company SECOM, YUAN aims to expand this technology within the ecosystem.

The SmartVDO Eye camera integrates the NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX module with advanced vision algorithms and sensors such as the IMX678, IMX585, and IMX565. This camera supports both global shutter and rolling shutter image capture modes, ensuring optimal image quality across various environments. With the NVIDIA Jetson Orin's AI compute power and comprehensive software stacks, the SmartVDO Eye excels in video searches, real-time asset tracking, robotic programming, and defect inspection.

YUAN's SmartVDO Air, a compact AV computing platform, supports multiple video inputs and delivers exceptional AI reasoning capabilities. Utilizing the new NVIDIA Jetson Platform Services from the NVIDIA JetPack 6 software development kit, SmartVDO Air leverages pre-built, cloud-native software services to accelerate the development and deployment of advanced edge AI applications. The SmartVDO Air employs RIVA for efficient speech recognition, complemented by large language models (LLMs) for in-depth command understanding and intelligent voice interaction, enhancing voice control accuracy and response speed. Notably, the SmartVDO Air has been honored with the Computex BCA Golden Award for its compact size and versatility, meeting the needs of various product applications.

Visitors to COMPUTEX 2024 can explore YUAN's innovative product lineup at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, 4F, L1201. YUAN’s showcase at COMPUTEX 2024 highlights its commitment to setting new benchmarks in performance, versatility, and efficiency, making its solutions ideal for a wide range of applications in AI-driven environments. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these innovations firsthand and discover how YUAN is transforming industries with its state-of-the-art technology.

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