Tracking Ships in Ports Using QDEEP SDK and AIS


Ports are vital hubs of modern economies, with a large number of ships entering and leaving ports every day. To ensure the safety and efficiency of ports, effective tracking and monitoring of ships are necessary. Traditional ship tracking methods rely mainly on manual observation and radar equipment, but these methods suffer from inefficiency, high costs, and low accuracy.


We propose a ship tracking solution based on QDEEP SDK and AIS. This solution utilizes Video AI technology to analyze surveillance videos of ports, automatically detecting and tracking ships. Additionally, AIS technology is used to obtain dynamic information about ships, aiding AI in ship positioning and identification.

Ship Detection : Analyze surveillance videos of ports using Video AI technology to automatically detect ships in the videos.

Ship Tracking : Track detected ships and record their movement trajectories.

PTZ Control : Utilize PTZ cameras to automatically track target ships, ensuring ships are always in view.

Ship Identification : Use AIS technology to obtain dynamic information about ships, such as ship name, ship number, heading, speed, etc., to help AI identify ships.

System Architecture Diagram

Key Benefits

Improved Efficiency : Automation of ship detection, tracking, identification, and PTZ control significantly improves port operation efficiency.

Cost Reduction : Compared to traditional methods, operational costs of ports can be greatly reduced.

Increased Accuracy : AI technology enhances the accuracy of ship detection, tracking, identification, and PTZ control.

Enhanced Security : PTZ control ensures that target ships are always in view, facilitating monitoring personnel observation and command.

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