YUAN Launches New AI Platform AIR6N0-C NX OOB with Allxon OOB Edge AI Device Management Capability


After launching the VPP6N0-S NX OOB MK.2 platform for remote OOB management, YUAN is back with the latest platform for remote OOB management, the AIR6N0-C NX OOB MK.2, which is lighter and supports both Jetson Orin NX and Jetson Orin Nano. YUAN cooperates with Allxon hardware and software technology to bring a more complete remote device management solution.

Remote OOB Edge AI Device Management can control the AIR6N0-C NX OOB and VPP6N0-S NX OOB via various data transmission methods, such as wired, WiFi and 4G mobile networks. At the same time, the host provides interfaces such as I2C, UART and GPIO to control peripherals for the OOB, and it can easily reboot or shut down the host when the system is unresponsive, improving convenience and reducing operating costs. This improves management convenience and reduces operating costs.

Among them, the AIR6N0-C NX OOB is lighter and more portable, making it suitable for space-constrained applications such as remote retail platforms and kiosks. Meanwhile, the excellent scalability of the VPP6N0-S NX OOB enables a wide range of workplace applications such as offices, educational institutions and healthcare.

Based on the powerful AI computing capabilities of the AIR6N0 and VPP6N0 platforms, YUAN's AIR6N0-C NX OOB and VPP6N0-S NX OOB can be combined with a wide range of work environments, enabling users to enhance the convenience and efficiency of their work and life, and create more value for customers.

Allxon's Remote OOB Edge AI Device Management is a comprehensive Edge AI project management solution, supporting features such as Power Cycling and Cloud Serial Console. It not only enables remote troubleshooting during platform anomalies but also swiftly executes daily operational or maintenance tasks, reducing manpower and time costs, as well as project downtime.

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