1 CH 8K60 HDMI2.1

8K Software Compression

8K Software Compression


8K60 and 4K120 Support

HDMI2.1 supports 8K at 60fps ( 7680×4320 ), which is the pinnacle resolution outlined in the REC.2020 ( UHDTV ) standard. This solution also boasts support for 4K at 120fps, ensuring unparalleled smoothness for both video and game content on the M.2 interface.

Compact Design

As the world's smallest M.2, its compact design not only exemplifies unparalleled portability but also offers broad compatibility with numerous industrial computers, all while maintaining peak transmission speeds and data capacities.

Enhanced HDR Tone Mapping

HDR tone mapping is a post-processing technique that employs an algorithm to accurately map an image's tone, creating a natural and realistic visual representation. Our capture card features a built-in HDR tone mapping engine, allowing smooth switching between modern HDR and legacy SDR formats.

Low Latency Video Capture

Integrate advanced technologies to excel in low-latency applications, spanning medical usage, gaming, and industrial automation.

Designed to Meet Top-Tier Applications

HDMI2.1 excels in high-end video, machine vision, and medical imaging, meeting diverse and demanding needs with excellence.