Full NDI Transceiver

Full NDI Transceiver

YUAN's AV over IP solutions are designed to support various video and audio transmission protocols. From 1G to 25G, you can find solutions coming in different input interfaces and different number of channels.
All product lines are supported with a same SDK package, users can switch their solutions fluently between X86 and ARM based SoC solutions.



YUAN's SC6F0 series supports not only Full NDI, but also NDI|HX3 / 2. With the advantage of low latency and high quality transmission, this series also adds the function of cross-domain connection. This not only enhances the interoperability between NDI devices, but also allows users to share video and audio more flexibly and quickly, and builds a more complete NDI system ecosystem.

Pack and Go - PoE

The PoE feature allows devices to be powered via an RJ45 network cable, eliminating the need for an additional power supply. If you have a PoE switch, the SC6F0 series, which supports 4K60 codecs and Full NDI technology, is ideal for your deployment.

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