HD Software Compression

HD Software Compression

YUAN's capture solution have a hands of hardware and software products from 8K, 4K to HD that digitize and record video in real-time. The capture solution provide multiple interfaces and form factors to video capturing with ultra low latency. It can also be used for live streaming events and sharing recorded videos online, providing flexibility and cost-effective solution. It can be used for professional or personal projects, remote collaboration, surveillance, education and training.



Compact Size ( 22 × 30 ~ 22 × 80 )

The compact M.2 size ensures portability and compatibility with various industrial computers, while achieving peak transmission rates and data capacity.

Up to 4CH HD Video Capture

Capture up to 4 channels of HD60 video via a single M.2 PCIe interface on a card, eliminating the need for extra slots and keeping power consumption low.

ANC Data Capture from SDI Signals

Our solution enables the capture of Ancillary Data ( ANC Data ) from SDI signals within television systems. This entails embedding non-video information such as audio, timecode, closed caption, and other metadata directly into the serial digital interface.

Low Latency Video Capture

Integrate advanced technologies to excel in low-latency applications, spanning medical usage, gaming, and industrial automation.

Multi-Purpose Compatibility

Design for a wide range of situations and industries, from professional broadcasting to corporate meetings, to medical imaging, and more.