SD Hardware Compression

SD Hardware Compression

YUAN's capture solution have a hands of hardware and software products from 8K, 4K to HD that digitize and record video in real-time. The capture solution provide multiple interfaces and form factors to video capturing with ultra low latency. It can also be used for live streaming events and sharing recorded videos online, providing flexibility and cost-effective solution. It can be used for professional or personal projects, remote collaboration, surveillance, education and training.


10bits Analog-to-Digital Quality

A 10bits ADC enhances video quality during the conversion of traditional analog video to modern digital formats.

Build-in H.264 Encoder

We offer an embedded hardware H.264 encoder within the capture card for efficient compression. This enables high-definition video recording and storage while optimizing resource utilization within system constraints.

Up to 16CH SD Video Capture

Capture up to 16 channels of SD video via a PCIe interface. Additionally, this capture board includes an embedded hardware H.264 encoder to reduce system recording load.


Peripheral Communication

Build-In pin header for peripheral communication, which provides GPIO and watchdog for peripheral control. YUAN also design additional SCIO cards for 12V applications.

Resource Optimization

By performing H.264 compression in hardware, the capture card frees up CPU resources for other critical tasks, thereby maintaining system performance.