YUAN Launches World's First Three in One NDI and SDVoE Transceiver

YUAN ( TW.5474 ), a leading video capture solution provider, today announced the latest generation of SDVoE and NDI Transceiver, a multimedia streamer that effectively combines NDI | HX, Full NDI and SDVoE to deliver 4K60 444 uncompressed video or lightly compressed h.26x video to any device with low latency.

NDI was introduced as a solution for the IP video production environment. In NDI, users can choose to transmit h.26x compressed streams in existing network environments as well as lightly compressed lossless video with no latency. For those who need to transmit high-quality video without delay, SDVoE protocol is available as well. SDVoE not only transmits under higher bandwidth, but also provides a complete top-down solution for users to create simple and convenient multimedia control software.

The NDI and SDVoE Transceiver is the latest video/streaming converter developed by YUAN for broadcast and medical applications. It provides bidirectional conversion between SDVoE and NDI and supports simultaneous HDMI to SDVoE/NDI output to meet the demanding needs of customers in various fields for low latency video streaming.

The NDI and SDVoE Transceiver integrates SDVoE fiber/copper and NDI-HX/Full NDI. NDI is a solution for IP video production environments. In NDI, users can transmit H.26x compressed streams over the existing network architecture with NDI|HX or transmit lossless video with very low latency over NDI Full Bandwidth. The SDVoE protocol can be used over 10G copper or optical interfaces to transmit over longer distances.

The NDI and SDVoE Transceiver can work in a variety of bandwidths and interfaces and supports PoE to simplify client wiring. In addition to SDVoE and NDI, NDI and SDVoE Transceiver also support various streaming standards such as RTSP and RTMP, making it easy to transfer the input video to Youtube, OBS and other social media platforms and software, making it a perfect choice for users with live streaming needs.

The SDVoE and NDI Transceiver combines years of experience in streaming technology, which have excellent computing power, flexible video input support, easy communication, and integration of multiple software/hardware specifications. Making it the best choice for customers in various fields and the best streaming encoder/decoder in the ProAV industry. It is ready for the upcoming broadcast and smart medical opportunities.

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