YUAN Unveils Revolutionizing Vision at 4K60 100 TOPS AI-Powered Camera & AIR Platform at the 2024 NVIDIA GTC Exhibition


YUAN's new NeuroEye & AIR platform product integrates the NVIDIA® Orin NX platform and vision algorithms into a single device. NeuroEye is an extremely small, multi-input/output device that supports IMX678, IMX585, and IMX565 image sensing modes. Its C-mount lens interface design allows for easy replacement of various lenses at any time. NeuroEye can be widely used in industrial inspection, environmental safety monitoring and other fields.

The highly compact, energy-efficient AIR6N0 series platform features a unique dual-board design,delivering up to 100 TOPS of AI computation within a form factor akin to a business card. Concurrently, the meticulously integrated AIR6N0 incorporates a variety of image acquisition sub-boards, featuring support for interfaces such as 12G-SDI/12G-SDI Quad-Link, HDMI2.1/GDMI2.0, GMSL2, and USB3.2. This comprehensive integration empowers developers and system integrators to deploy AI solutions across diverse industries, including smart healthcare, transportation, military, and industrial engineering.

Beyond the array of hardware options, YUAN provides an assortment of software solutions and Board Support Packages (BSPs), facilitating customers in the autonomous development of software on existing foundations, thereby enabling the cost-effective design of proprietary products.

Moreover, in addition to the existing functionalities, YUAN extends a warm invitation to clients from various domains to reach out, affording us the opportunity to discern your specific requirements and craft a bespoke platform tailored to your exacting needs.

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