YUAN Releases the World's First 8K60 M.2 Video Capture Card - SC750N1 M.2 HDMI2.1

The world's first smallest 8K60 video capture card has been officially released for global sales. The SC750N1 M.2 HDMI2.1 uses a PCIe Gen3×4 interface and YUAN's unique low-latency, ultra-low power consumption design for video capture cards. This not only establishes the product's excellent durability and performance in high-performance conditions but also ensures precise and smooth processing of 8K video data.

With YUAN's profound technical accumulation in the field of image capture, we successfully miniaturized the 8K60 video capture function to a card size of just 30mm × 80mm. This not only represents the pinnacle of technology but also highlights portability in terms of size, meeting the user's dual expectations of high performance and compact design. Whether it's professional high-end video production, machine vision analysis, or precision imaging in the medical field, the SC750N1 M.2 can timely exert its ultimate performance to meet the most demanding application requirements.

SC750N1 also supports various advanced imaging technologies of HDMI2.1, such as VRR ( Variable Refresh Rate ) to reduce video tearing and stuttering, ensuring reduced video tearing and stuttering in e-sports or high-speed action scenes, and HDR ( High Dynamic Range ) provides a more vibrant and detailed color gradient in movies or professional video production, ensuring top-quality video for games, movies, or live streaming.

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