YUAN Collaborates with Audinate to Launch Dante AV Ultra 4K60 Streaming Encoder / Decoder

YUAN High-Tech ( stock code : 5474 ), as a global leader in the manufacture of video capture modules, has partnered with digital audio solution leader Audinate to launch a revolutionary Dante AV Ultra 4K60 streaming encoder/decoder.

The Dante AV Ultra 4K60 streaming encoder/decoder has a broad range of applications, and its high-performance and low-latency features bring an exceptional audio-visual experience to customers across various industries. YUAN's Dante AV Ultra 4K60 streaming encoder/decoder can achieve up to 4K 60fps 4:4:4 resolution and almost synchronous, near-zero latency end-to-end transmission, with native support for HDCP 2.2 to protect content. In addition to being able to independently route video, audio, and primary control, it can also easily control remote devices through USB HID, serial, and IP IR.

The Dante AV Ultra 4K60 streaming encoder/decoder combines the strengths of YUAN High-Tech and Audinate, implementing up to 4K60 video quality and millisecond-level low latency through advanced hardware encoding/decoding technology and innovative network video technology. This exceptional video experience is perfect for live broadcasting needs in the broadcast industry, remote teaching in the education sector, video conferencing in corporations, and streaming live broadcasts in the gaming and entertainment industry. Furthermore, the Dante AV Ultra 4K60 streaming encoder/decoder will also play a crucial role in the medical field, providing the high-definition, low-latency video needed for medical monitoring and telemedicine.

Hong-Pei Lin, the General Manager of YUAN High-Tech, stated : "This collaboration will bring a significant breakthrough for YUAN High-Tech and the entire professional audio-visual industry. The launch of the Dante AV Ultra 4K60 streaming encoder/decoder will greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of video transmission, providing users with an unparalleled visual experience. We look forward to continuing to provide customers with innovative and leading video solutions through this collaboration."

This collaboration with Audinate marks YUAN High-Tech's leadership in a new era of high-quality video transmission! For more information, please visit our website : www.yuan.com.tw