YUAN Leads 8K Era with Comprehensive Video Capture Solution

YUAN High-Tech ( stock code : 5474 ), a global leader in the audio-visual technology field, officially announces today that it has successfully developed and provided a comprehensive 8K60 video capture solution, including the world's smallest video capture card SC750 m.2 HDMI2.1 and UB700 HID HDMI 2.1 external capture box. These groundbreaking innovations will lead the future development of ultra-high-definition video technology and promote the overall industry's progress.

The comprehensive 8K60 HDMI 2.1 solution, considering the needs of various platforms, is designed to meet the industry's ultra-high-definition video demands. This makes the technology more flexible in its applications across industries to accommodate the arrival of the 8K era. By using the high bandwidth transmission capability of HDMI 2.1, this solution can deliver 8K60 ultra-high-resolution video, providing users with an unprecedentedly detailed visual experience and super-high image quality.

SC750 m.2 HDMI2.1 Video Capture Card

As the world's smallest ( 22mm × 80mm ) 8K video capture card, the SC750 m.2's compact design allows it to be easily installed and connected in tight spaces, whether it's embedded systems, mobile devices, or high-end PCs. Additionally, this card utilizes the high bandwidth and low latency features of the m.2 interface to transmit large volumes of high-speed video data. With its impressive performance and versatile applications, the SC750 m.2 is suitable for professional video production and broadcasting and finds applications in fields such as medical imaging and machine vision that demand high-definition video capabilities.

UB700 HID HDMI 2.1 UVC External Video Capture Box

The UB700 HID HDMI 2.1 UVC External Video Capture Box is a device specifically designed for the 8K esports live broadcasting industry. It offers a USB 3.2 interface with a data transmission rate of up to 10Gbps to ensure real-time transmission of 8K60 video data, providing a lag-free and stutter-free live streaming experience. It also features HID functionality, allowing users to directly control the device through UB700 without the need to install any additional drivers.

Yuan High-Tech provides comprehensive 8K60 solutions across various video interfaces, such as PCIe, m.2, and USB 3.2, to meet the high video quality demands of industries such as professional film production, eSports live streaming, and television broadcasting! In the future, Yuan High-Tech will continue to innovate and explore new possibilities, leading the industry into a new era of higher resolution and more detailed video.