YUAN and Mediaedge Launch High-Speed Video Capture Kit that Supports up to 240FPS

Since the launch of the SC710 series of high-end video capture cards, YUAN has been exploring collaboration possibilities with a variety of industries, including medical, industrial, automotive, and sports. The latest success is to roll out QDCAM+SC710N1 12G-SDI high-speed camera solution with Mediaedge.

QDCAM supports a full-field shutter, which can overcome the jelly effect in drastic environmental changes and record perfect images without variation. At the same time, QDCAM can record high-speed images up to 240 FPS, which is suitable for fast-changing sports events. By recording at high speed, users can perfectly reproduce exciting moments in slow motion. QDCAM also supports the Micro 4/3 system. Based on the extensive lens group of the Micro 4/3 system, users have a very diverse and solid choice, whether it is a wide-angle, telescopic or standard lens, are extremely reliable.

Global Shutter

Micro 4/3 System

With Quad Link SDI and SC710N1 12G-SDI, SC710N1 12G-SDI can record video at a high frame rate of 240FPS with 1920×1080 resolution, perfectly matching the excellent performance of QDCAM. SC710N1 12G-SDI can also be used with NexVDO SDK, which allows the images captured by the SC710N1 12G-SDI to be freely used in software such as VMix. Images can also be inferenced with artificial intelligence functions from NexVDO SDK to achieve high-speed recognition.

The QDCAM+SC710N1 12G-SDI high-speed video capture kit is a cooperation between YUAN and Mediaedge. Combining their years of research and development in video, software, hardware in broadcasting, medical, Pro AV and surveillance markets.

✻ To purchase QDCAM+SC710N1 12G-SDI high-speed video capture kit ( QDCAM+SC710N1 12G-SDI without Micro 4/3 lens, optional remote controller ( ME-BXC-RC100 ), QDCAM optical transmission kit ( ME-BXC-CU100 ), QDCAM optical receiver base ( ME-BXC-BU100 ), QDCAM server ( ME-QDVS-1000 ) ), please contact with YUAN.



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