YUAN High Tech Supports NVIDIA AI Medical Device Platform - NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX

YUAN, the world-leading video capture module provider, is now collaborating with NVIDIA to bring NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX to AI-enabled, software-defined medical devicess, and to support YUAN video capture cards in NVIDIA Clara Holoscan Developer Kits.

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX is a medical-grade platform for AI software-defined instruments. Built on a scalable architecture consisting of the NVIDIA Orin SoM, NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU and NVIDIA ConnectX-7 SmartNIC, NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX also features comprehensive I/O options as well as a dedicated safety and security module for secure, remote system provisioning, safety monitoring, and software update, with long-life support for all hardware components. The Clara Holoscan MGX software accompanies the hardware and offers 10-year long-term whole stack support.

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX provides developers with a powerful AI platform and software development framework that combines low-latency sensors, network-connected hardware systems, optimized libraries for data processing and core microservices that execute streaming, imaging and other applications anywhere from edge to cloud. Clara Holoscan MGX helps medical device developers accelerate AI innovation and provide a medical grade platform to bring the next generation of AI-enabled medical devices to market quickly.

YUAN has been deeply involved in the medical industry for more than ten years and understands the needs of multiple imaging applications in the medical device market. Its cooperation with NVIDIA can help Clara Holoscan Developer Kits to support different input sources, such as: SDI, HDMI, DVD-D, VGA, YPbPr, Composite, S-Video, etc., and provide 2K / 4K / 8K imaging solutions in order to support development of a wide range of medical equipment.

At the same time, YUAN has also become an I/O manufacturer partner of NVIDIA GPUDirect™, a Magnum IO technology for video capture cards since the end of 2021. With NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA, data from video capture cards can be directly copied to GPU memory to reduce latency and enhance the application of AI image recognition in the medical industry.

HP Lin, general manager of YUAN, said: "NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX is suitable for medical applications that require high-bandwidth I/O, real-time high-performance computing and AI inference from edge to cloud deployment. We are honored to be an ODM partner of NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX."

In the future, YUAN plans to work closely with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX to assist medical device makers developing AI imaging applications, further promoting the rapid growth of intelligent imaging in the medical field from edge to cloud.

YUAN has always been responsible for the task of image capturing. Recently, intelligent surgery has become an international trend for medical companies. YUAN has put in a lot of R&D resources in the application of visual AI, and hopes that its cross-disciplinary industrial experience can act as eyes and brains for medical industries to build accurate medical surgery navigation systems with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX.