4CH 4K60 Stream Encoder for Various Streaming Protocols

SC6T0N4 HDMI2.0 AI+ is the latest design from YUAN to support 4ch of 4K60 video streaming. The solution is supported with YUAN SDK, allow users to add 4ch of 4K streaming features through RTSP, RTMP, HLS, TS Unicast / Multicast…to their application.

For users looking for extremely low latency, SC6T0N4 HDMI2.0 AI+ can support NDI protocol and is also equipped with 5G module. Benefit from low latency feature of NDI and 5G technique, SC6T0N4 HDMI2.0 AI+ can indeed satisfy users with delay concern. Under NDI protocol, users can choose NDI-HX or Full NDI solution based on their inquiry.

SC6T0N4 HDMI2.0 AI+ support for both wire and wireless network, user can deploy the system under different scenario with no limitation. The device is also coming with a second Ethernet port and corresponding MAC address, allowing users to stream between 2 different domain.

SC6T0N4 HDMI2.0 AI+ is YUAN’s latest solution after various multimedia developments, which can support different streaming protocols and interfaces. With rich SDK provided, SC6T0N4 HDMI2.0 AI+ is the best solution for user to build their own streaming solution.

✻ 4CH 12G-SDI Solution is Coming Soon.

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