Exploring Smart Transportation and Factory AIoT : YUAN Showcases Intelligent Video Technology at ISC-West

YUAN High-Tech ( TW : 5474 ) will participate in the ISC-West exhibition held at the Venetian Exhibition Hall in Las Vegas, USA, showcasing the latest intelligent video application solutions for security in city, transportation, and factory. Including the 4K60 444 SDVoE 10G war room video solution, the multi-channel edge-to-cloud smart monitoring video management platform, and the embedded video capture card series. Users can monitor and manage video data in real-time and achieve comprehensive security management.

The embedded video capture card series provides multiple interfaces and video input formats, including M.2, MiniPCIe, PCIE104, MIPI, GMSL2, TVI, SDI, HDMI, etc. The specially launched SC740/SC440 series MIPI video capture card can meet the requirements of high-speed transmission and low power consumption, while SC440N2 GMSL and SC440N4 GMSL are suitable for vehicle-based embedded platforms.

The 4K60 4:4:4 SDVoE 10G AV over IP video solution uses standard Ethernet switches and fiber networks to transmit high-quality audio and video to multiple displays. The core technology of SDVoE uses multiple multiplexing, compression, and network protocols to convert multiple audio and video streams into a single data stream for transmission. This makes it possible to transmit multiple 4K/UHD video signals simultaneously without increasing network bandwidth. It is widely used in smart factory war rooms to achieve real-time monitoring and management.

SmartNVR and SmartVMS are complete security video monitoring solutions. SmartNVR is its core component that can simultaneously preview, record, and analyze 8 channels of 1080P video. It supports a variety of intelligent analysis algorithms commonly used in security and smart cities, including face recognition, object recognition, dynamic detection, and behavior analysis. SmartVMS can simultaneously manage multiple SmartNVRs, unified management of event alarms, facilitate customers to effectively control the entire monitoring system, and achieve video monitoring, intelligent analysis, alarm event management, and other functions with high efficiency, stability, and security.

We support different scales of core computing processors, including Rockchip, Mediatek, Intel, NVIDIA, etc., providing intelligent computing capabilities ranging from 1 TOP, 5 TOPS, 32 TOPS, 100 TOPS to 200 TOPS. This allows customers to flexibly choose the core processor that best suits their needs, achieving the best balance in computing performance, cost, and application scenarios.

YUAN High-Tech sincerely invites exhibitors and audiences to visit our booth no.5116 and have face-to-face communication with us.