An alliance between SECOM and YUAN, Taiwan's first all-in-one cloud-based dynamic tracking UAV system


Taiwan's leading technology security company, SECOM ( GTSM : 9917 ), and YUAN ( GTSM : 5474 ), a global leader in video capture modules, today announced a strategic alliance to develop Taiwan's first all-in-one motion tracking cloud-based UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) system on NVIDIA's Jetson Orin NX platform, which will be unveiled at the Taipei Smart City Show 2024 on 3/19, Taipei time, demonstrating the strength of Taiwan's AI technology to protect the city. This all-in-one motion-tracking cloud UAV (drone) system will also bring revolutionary innovations to tasks such as people and vehicle search, disaster relief and inspection.

SECOM Chairman Lin Jianhan said : The All in one dynamic tracking cloud-based UAV ( drone ) system developed in cooperation with YUAN is to use technology to help city managers activate the God's-eye view, and SECOM has accumulated rich experience in Taiwan's smart city, so it can be tailored to meet the needs of county and city governments, and the system will drive SECOM's momentum in the UAV business, and also bring two major advantages to the city. This system will also bring SECOM's momentum in UAV business, at the same time, it can also bring two major advantages to the city, namely, to improve efficiency, through the drone inspection system can quickly and comprehensively cover a wide range of areas, reduce manpower costs and waste of time, and the data collected by the system will be more comprehensive in terms of dimensions, and in addition, it can increase the protection and security of the staff, especially for the surveillance of dangerous or inaccessible areas, and through the drone, it can reduce potential risks to the staff or the police and firefighters. Of course, the most important thing is to protect the environment, through environmentally friendly energy, reduce the impact on the environment, is also SECOM's commitment to the sustainable development of ESG.

SECOM Smart City Headquarters CEO Chou Hsing-kuo analysis : All in one dynamic tracking cloud UAV ( drone ) system, mainly using AI deep learning algorithms, and with intelligent humanoid identification tracking, SECOM has already begun to be applied in various counties and cities to start a small-scale disaster relief, vehicle detection and other dynamic tracking applications. The drone system can also fly autonomously to a designated area to take photos and collect evidence, and quickly send real-time images back to police officers, firefighters or inspectors in large parks. This drone system will also replace manpower, effectively improving the inspection efficiency and real-time monitoring capability.

YUAN also said that the co-operation with SECOM is to enable the drone rescue system to show more diversified application services. The most important feature of this smart drone integrated with SECOM applications is the AI+5G module, with up to 100TOPS real-time AI inference capability, flexible and diverse image input interfaces, and 4K60 4:4:4 multi-channel high-efficiency image transmission technology, which is especially suitable for real-time drone tracking and identification, such as for agricultural damage detection, construction site hazard detection, and traffic flow calculation, etc.

Most importantly, the drone uses the VPP6N0-S NX 5G, which is based on the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX native system module, and has a special built-in computing architecture that allows SECOM to perform various rescue applications and run a large number of deep training models in the shortest possible time. Together with the NexVDO SDK, a multimedia video development kit developed by Smartech, the NX 5G can accelerate the secondary development of developers and reduce R&D costs.

At the Smart City exhibition, this all-in-one dynamic tracking cloud-based UAV (drone) system will be demonstrated for its excellent capabilities in identification, tracking and mission execution. The system has been applied in various fields such as traffic monitoring, disaster relief, and border patrol, providing fast, intelligent, and accurate solutions. Through this exhibition, MIT will demonstrate the strength of Taiwan MIT and the foresight of SECOM in the field of smart city. Through the new system, CIBT will promote the development of the UAV business, while improving the efficiency of the city, protecting the safety of people and the sustainable development of the environment.

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