Revolutionizing Vision at 4K60, 100 TOPS AI-Powered Camera


NeuroEye is a new compact AI camera designed for easy installation in industrial settings. It delivers outstanding AI performance with up to 100 TOPs of arithmetic power and built-in hardware ISP. The camera can be used for various applications, including factory defect detection, production SOP auditing, in-vehicle OCR recognition, automated robotic handling, and safety control. NeuroEye is equipped with Sony IMX678, IMX585, and IMX565 sensors to optimize images in different environments.

Factory Defect Detection

Production SOP Auditing

In-Vehicle OCR Recognition

Automated Robotic Handling

Identity Management

The NeuroEye camera has a standard C Mount lens connector, making it easy to change lenses, focal lengths, and image quality. Additionally, Global Rolling enhances the camera's ability to capture images in high-speed scenes. The camera has multiple communication interfaces, including RS232, RS485, GPIO, and I2C, for easy connection to peripheral products. It also features IP streaming media and UVC streaming outputs.

YUAN has successfully integrated artificial intelligence reasoning and computer vision algorithms into a single system. Its unique image optimization technology enables multiple AI models to run simultaneously in a single AI camera. YUAN has developed 24 types of AI training models in its self-developed NexVDO SDK, enabling developers to complete AI edge computing projects quickly.

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