YUAN High-Tech Excels in NIST FRTE Rankings and Advances Face Recognition Technology.

YUAN High-Tech ( TW : 5474 ), a global leader in video capture modules, proudly announces its recent achievement of securing the 1st rank in Taiwan across multiple categories in the NIST FRTE 1:1 evaluation. YUAN attained the top position in VISA/BORDER and BORDER/KIOSK, with global rankings of 59th and 26th, respectively, and an impressive 99.72% accuracy in the VISA/BORDER category.

This accomplishment is highlighted by the extensive VISA/BOARD datasets, featuring 1,000,000 pairs of images from 100 countries. Algorithms are meticulously ranked within the VISA/BORDER dataset, calculated using FNMR @ FMR = 10^(-6).

The VISA/BORDER combination serves as the default benchmark for leaderboards, replicating real-world scenarios involving visa submission and identity verification at border checkpoints. It offers a comprehensive evaluation that aligns with the intricacies of international travel and immigration procedures.

The BORDER/KIOSK, part of Unconstrained testing, is crucial for refining technology. Unconstrained face recognition faces challenges in real-world complexities, requiring robust algorithms for accurate identification. Despite difficulties, it's vital for enhancing security, driving innovation, and modernizing public services across sectors. Overcoming these challenges highlights its significance in shaping future security and technology.


Committed to excellence, YUAN High-Tech continually invests in optimizing algorithms. Our dedication to improvement reflects our desire for customers to share in the joy of our success.

Looking ahead, YUAN is excited to participate in the NIST FRVT 1:N evaluation, contributing to face recognition technology advancement.

Our success is thanks to the hard work of the NexVDO SDK team, and we extend gratitude to our customers. Together, we anticipate achieving more milestones in video capture modules and NexVDO SDK services.

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