YUAN High-Tech is committed to safeguarding shareholders' rights, treating shareholders equally, strengthening the board's structure and operations, enhancing information transparency, and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. In accordance with the laws of the Republic of China, the Securities and Exchange Act, and other relevant regulations, the company attaches great importance to corporate governance and follows the following principles:

1.Timely disclosure of significant information to enhance information transparency。
2.Establishing an effective governance framework and setting up an audit office to supervise the appropriateness of company financial reports, the effective implementation of internal controls, the management of existing or potential risks, and to ensure the independence and fairness of auditors。
3.Promoting positive interaction and checks and balances between the board and the management team。
4.Adhering to corporate governance guidelines, upholding the principles of ethical operation, and implementing internal audit mechanisms。

Information Disclosure System
The company currently has a comprehensive information disclosure system in place to ensure that shareholders have access to the latest and most accurate information as a basis for investment decisions. The system follows the principles of correctness, completeness, and fairness in providing various details related to operations, finances, board resolutions, and the management philosophy and policies of the CEO。

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