NexVDO SDK Integrates Specialized HL7 Services for the Medical Market

YUAN is dedicated to integrating essential functionalities across various markets. Since 2018, YUAN has progressively integrated DICOM, WORKLIST, WORKSTATION, and more professional medical services. In 2023, it formally integrated HL7, aiming to reinforce the standardization and sharing of patient medical information, providing new technological support for seamless transmission of patient medical records.

HL7 ( Health Level 7 ) focuses on standardizing medical records, aiming to ensure complete sharing and transmission of patient medical records among different healthcare facilities, creating a bridge for cross-boundary interoperability of medical information.

The core functionalities of HL7 include :

  • Information Exchange : 

    HL7 defines standardized methods enabling efficient exchange of crucial patient information among different medical systems, including medical records, examination reports, and diagnoses.

  • Standard Message Formats : 

    HL7 has defined multiple message and information models, ensuring accurate information transmission across different systems.


  • Application Integration : 

    HL7's standards allow interoperability between different vendors and applications, facilitating the integration of Health Information Technology.


  • Enhanced Workflow Efficiency : 

    Through standardized information exchange, HL7 helps improve workflow efficiency in healthcare institutions, reducing errors, and enhancing the quality of patient care.


Yuan SDK currently integrates and realizes functionalities within the HL7 service, including :

  • Patient Query QRY_A19 :

    Used for querying patient information across medical systems, typically to retrieve specific patient-related details.

  • Patient Query ADR_A19 :

    Notifies receiving systems of patient medical order-related information, encompassing essential patient details and clinical data.

  • Transmission of Laboratory Test Results ORU_R01 :

    Sends and receives laboratory test results, image files, or reports. It converts image files generated by workstations into HL7 message formats and uploads them to the HL7 system.

  • Patient ADT Management Service :

    Includes admission notifications, patient registrations, appointment notifications, and information updates, aiming to provide comprehensive patient management support.

  • Genderal Clinical Order OMG_O19 :

    Transmits clinical order-related information between healthcare information systems, supporting the creation, modification, or deletion of medical orders.

This series of integrations fosters more efficient interoperability of medical information, offering healthcare institutions a more convenient and accurate means of information transmission and management. It is expected to drive further advancements and innovations in healthcare information technology.

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