YUAN Launches New 4K60 AV1 Streaming Encoder-Decoder Based on NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX

YUAN High-Tech (stock code: 5474), a global leader in the field of video capture modules, has officially announced the launch of an efficient 4K60 AV1 5G streaming encoder/decoder VPP6N0 NX, based on the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX platform, specifically designed and optimized for the increasing trend of unmanned vehicle imaging in AI+5G applications.

The VPP6N0 NX streaming encoder/decoder features efficient edge computing capabilities, flexible and diverse image input support, and excellent compression and transmission performance, aiming to provide the best industrial edge AI computing system for unmanned vehicle applications, achieving efficient processing and transmission of 4K60 444 resolution video content.

Support 4K60 444 10bits Video Input

The VPP6N0 NX, in conjunction with YUAN's latest SC750N1 M.2 capture card, can achieve 4K60 444 10-bit image capture. Different from the past 8-bit that can only handle 256 possible colors, it provides a higher color depth, making the image color more delicate and rich. Equipped with a variety of I/O ports and expansion slots, it provides greater flexibility and customization potential. Whether it's 1080P, 4K single/multi-channel images, this product can ensure the efficient use of power and real-time processing of image data due to the low power consumption and zero latency characteristics of YUAN's image capture card.

Efficient Edge Computing Capabilities with 100TOPS

Built based on the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX native system module, the VPP6N0 NX has built-in Tensor Cores designed for deep learning inference and training. It can significantly speed up the training and inference of deep learning models, allowing it to handle a large number of deep learning tasks in a very short time. With up to 100 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS) AI inference capability, it can achieve multi-channel 4K60 real-time video analysis and image recognition, such as target detection, identification, and tracking. It is suitable for computing efficiency and processing adaptation for vision-oriented unmanned loads such as autonomous vehicles and drones.

Outstanding Compression and Transmission Performance of AV1

In addition to providing H.264/H.265 compression encoding technology, the VPP6N0 NX also adopts the currently most advanced AV1 (AOMedia Video 1) encoding technology, which can reduce about 20% of the data volume while maintaining high image quality. YUAN's multimedia video development package, NexVDO SDK, already supports the industry-leading AV1 encoder/decoder. Developers can create higher quality network streaming software or have smoother and more efficient UHD video output when editing AV1 format video content through the NexVDO SDK. In scenarios such as virtual and augmented reality, cloud gaming services, and video conferencing, AV1 can provide excellent performance and efficiency!

YUAN High-Tech is committed to developing innovative technologies and solutions to meet future challenges. Our new 4K60 AV1 streaming encoder/decoder embodies this, showing outstanding performance in image processing capabilities, encoding and decoding efficiency, or addressing the needs of AI and 5G applications.

We believe that this product will bring a better experience to users and also promote the development of the industry.

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