YUAN High-Tech ( stock code: 5474 ), a leading manufacturer of video capture modules, will be exhibiting at InfoComm USA ( Booth #N1962 ), the largest professional audio-visual equipment show in the United States.

YUAN High Tech (stock code: 5474), a global leader in image capture modules, will hold a booth in Computex 2022 from May 24th to 27th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 4th Floor (No. M0214).

The world leading video capture module provider, YUAN high tech had officially announced to cooperate with the world leader in visual computing technology, NVDIA. All hardware and software will be fully supported for NVDIA Clara Holoscan MGX in 2022 March.

A world-renowned video solution provider YUAN High-Tech passed the Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit program and became an Intel® Golden Partner. SC6T0 AI+ video processing platform is equipped with the Intel® latest 11th Intel® Core™ i7 processor to provide varies of deep learning model models through Intel® Media SDK and Intel® Distribution OpenVINO ™ toolkit, optimizing edge computing for AI deployments in surveillance and security, intelligent manufacturing, smart agriculture, and transportation.

Forbes Asia 200 Best under a Billion 2021 lists out 200 most profitable companies from 18,000 candidates.

Aiming at the PC high-speed image display applications in the fields of e-sports, medical and security where 4K60 is currently unable to meet the market demand.


Recently, YUAN High Tech has become a video capturing I/O devices manufacture partner of NVDIA GPUDirect for Video. NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video is a technic to effectively reduce latency from external video source to internal GPU, further to accelerate the development of AI video recognition for different markets.

YUAN introduces the first 4K60 NDI Hybrid video converter to combine Full NDI® and NDI® | HX for users to enjoy the advantages of low latency and lossless video quality.

The AI team of YUAN High Tech ( 5474.TW ), the world No.1 multimedia audio-visual product leader, won the gold medal in the gravity wave detection competition held on Kaggle and was ranked 6th in the global rankings. The core figure who led the AI team to achieve the outstanding results is the first Taiwanese who won the championship in the sea lion competition on Kaggle, Peilian Zhou ( outrunner ).

In view of the needs of embedded product customers for a variety of 4K image capture, YUAN developed SC710N1 M2 HDMI2.0 and SC710N2 M2 HDMI2.0. Based on those products, YUAN released three related models, SC710N1 M2 HDMI2.0 LOOP, SC710N1 M2 DVI-DL and SC710N1 M2 SDVoE. Those models provide DVI-DL, SDVoE and HDMI2.0 loop through functions for customers.

Asian Corporate Social Responsibility Award ( AREA ), the most highly regarded CSR award in Asia, was presented on September 2th and was won by YUAN high tech.

QCAP SDK is a software developing tool box to integrate YUAN’s capture cards. QCAP SDK provide many functions such as capturing, recording and streaming. While multi languages and platforms are supported, the developer-friendly API can allow users to alleviate the burden on developing and reduce developing time.

YUAN high tech rolls out new TVI series containing different PCBA sizes and UVC interface, the series can at most support 16ch of 1080/4K TVI inputs. TVI signal is an improved technique of the original CVBS analog signal. Under an affordable price, TVI signal can support up to 1080/4K resolution and transmit 500 meters through coaxial cables.

By combining Multi Instance and QDeep, all capture card solutions of YUAN can now support DeepLink AI process. DeepLink AI process patent✻ is a technique to pass recognized image from AI Process to capture cards. By then, capture cards can output recognized image directly.

After observing the development of 4K products in the market, YUAN releases new products supporting 4K resolution for distance education and conference usage based on the original SC400/ SC720 series. The unique Multiview feature is also implemented in the new released product.


YUAN today announced the world’s first SDVoE encoder supporting both K60 SDVoE and 4K60 H26X video over IP technologies, Multi to SDVoE Hybrid Pro 4K. The new encoder applies to both intra-net and inter-net streaming and provides various video interfaces, as well as PoE, allowing our users more flexibility to create different application scenarios.

YUAN today announced the latest SDVoE products with 12G-SDI support, SDVoE to 12G-SDI and 12G-SDI to SDVoE. We have introduced Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K and SDVoE to Multi Pro 4K, video converters with multiple I/O interfaces, as well as SDVoE to HDMI2.0 and HDMI2.0 to SDVoE, the other product line with rugged cases, we decide to further develop products with rugged design and multiple interfaces for our customers.

After the introduction of 4K video capture cards with various types of 12G-SDI interfaces, YUAN integrate the technology of high-end 4K SDI signals and multi-channel SDI signal capturing to create more product values for our customers.

In the past two years, Advantech, a leading provider of IPCs, has launched edge AI inference systems alongside a rising demand for AI image recognition. These systems have been successfully applied to smart transportation, security monitoring, industrial visual inspection, and manufacturing process management.

AVX contains point-to-point support, particularly to Pro AV clients to extend the specifications of audio and video functions, and the transmission of high-quality AV through fiber optic cables or CAT-6A cables.

Besides object identification in Deep Learning, YUAN has further enhanced and integrated the identification function to feature detection. After incorporating feature detection, the release of Personal Re-Identification (ReID) comes subsequently and is essential for multi-channel devices.

YUAN has been reinventing new M.2 capture cards after introducing the world’s first smallest M.2 capture card, SC550N1 M2 HDMI, in 2016 and the first 4K60P M.2 capture card, SC710N1 M2 HDMI2.0, in 2019. We now proudly present you the latest M.2 capture card families built upon Pro Series – SC710, SC700, and SC400 M.2 models.

After joining the SDVoE alliance, YUAN has developed 4 major product lines for the SDVoE ecosystem, namely camera, VGA card, video converter box and video capture card.

After releasing SD, HD, FHD and even up to 4K resolution capture cards, YUAN now shifts our target on the new generation standard, 8K resolution video capturing.

Other than different streaming software developers YUAN has been cooperating with, we also keep the same momentum to closely work with video conferencing software developers to increase the number of software that YUAN capture devices are compatible with.

YUAN brings an overall upgrade to the entire SC6D0 streaming encoder family after developing a variety of embedded systems, this round of this round of upgrades covers many of our existing products from signal channel, multiple channel, 4K and FHD encoders.

As the computer market keeps bringing newer and more advanced external computer interfaces with a larger transmission bandwidth, YUAN also develops video capture box products of various interfaces from USB2.0, USB3.0 and now to Thunderbolt 3 interface.

After introducing the two 4K30P video capture boxes, UB570G Pro HDMI2.0 HDR and UB570G Pro 12G-SDI HDR, based on the core technology, YUAN announces UB570 Pro HDMI2.0 HDR HID+, our latest product combining two functions: capturing video and control PC.