YUAN Officially Announces Mass Production of SDVoE Product Line.
Taipei, Taiwan - Aug 16, 2019 -

YUAN is proud to announce that our new SDVoE product line is now officially in the stage of mass production. Stability of Output volume and production schedule of SDVoE products can be further ensured and assist customers in demands to quickly obtain software and hardware to promote new SDVoE products in their respective markets.

SDVoE Product CategoriesSDVoE相關的產品線

SC710N1-L SDVoE offers 1ch SDVoE 4Kp60 video capturing and 1ch HDMI2.0 4Kp60 loop-through. SC710N1-L SDVoE comes in low profile dimension, and its fanless design has made it a suitable choice for environments that demands quietness.
SC710N1-L SDVoE提供了一路SDVoE 4Kp60擷取與HDMI2.0 4Kp60環出,不僅支援low profile規格,同時由於其無風扇的設計,更適於極致靜音需求的環境。

Video Converters

Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K
( 4K Tx )

Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K supports the conversion of video signals, such as HDMI2.0, DP-MST, DVI-DL, and 12G-SDI to SDVoE, 12G-SDI and HDMI2.0. Users are able to easily operate the device even in dark places with additional screen and control dial.

SDVoE to HDMI2.0-S Pro 4K
( 4K Rx )

SDVoE to HDMI2.0-S Pro 4K converts SDVoE to HDMI2.0, RS232 control interface is supported with four in-built USB2.0 ports for connections with keyboard, mouse and USB flash drive.


Multi to SDVoE-S Pro
( HD Tx )

Multi to SDVoE-S Pro assists users to convert DVI-I, Composite, S-Video and Component signal to 3G-SDI and SDVoE. The device is equipped with RS232 for remote control, while buttons at the front panel provides users a local control interface.

SDVoE is an Ethernet-based technology of video transmission and therefore a suitable solution for 4K digital signage, convention center, transmission of medical/operation footages or video conference etc. Field applications for SDVoE are diverse and compatible with existing network infrastructure.

Applications of SDVoE ProductsSDVoE產品線相關應用
Video Multiviewer 視頻分割器

Advantages of SDVoE as video multiviewer
當其SDVoE應用於視頻分割器時,擁有以下優勢 :

• Fast Seamless Switching 無縫快速切換
• Quad View 四螢幕拼接
• PIP 子母畫面
• Diversified display modes 多樣化的畫面布局

Digital Signage and Video Wall 電子看板、電視牆

Advantages of SDVoE applied in digital signage and video wall
而其應用於電子看板、電視牆領域時,可以提供以下優勢 :

• Max. 64chs Multiview 至多可達64台拼接
• Bezel Correction 邊界校正
• Video Synchronization 畫面同步
• Video Zoom In & Out 畫面縮放
• Video Splitting 畫面切割

KVM 切換器

Advantages of SDVoE applied in KVM
而在KVM應用領域,SDVoE則提供了以下功能 :

• Fast Seamless Switching 無縫快速切換 無縫快速切換
• USB 2.0 Bi-directional Transmission 可雙向傳輸USB 2.0
• Bi-directional RS232 Transmission 可雙向傳輸RS232
• Bi-directional Transmission of Audio 可雙向傳輸聲音

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