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Taipei, Taiwan - May. 28, 2018 -

SC6D0N4 SDI and SC6D0N4 HDMI streaming encoders have been highly praised by many of Yuan’s customers from different markets after the official release to the market. The positive feedbacks have incentivized Yuan to further develop and refine embedded products ( to assist our customers ). Today, we are proud to introduce our two latest embedded products, SC6D0N8 and SC6D0N1 HDMI2.

Same as other members of SC6D0 family, SC6D0N8 and SC6D0N1 HDMI2 come in 1080P300fps encoding and decoding power, support RTMP, RTSP, HLS, and TS streaming protocols, and reserve for own customization on software interface.

SC6D0N1 HDMI2 shares the same UI with SC6D0N4 series, the operating interface is user-friendly, easy to understand and made of instinct. At the front panel sits multiple physical control buttons, with LED indication, for users to activate functions including streaming, recording, switching and snapshot. SC6D0N1 HDMI2 comes with one outputs for local real-time preview, a loop-through port and a PGM (programmed video) port, allowing project creators to monitor their live feeds. It provides users with a dedicated USB 3.0 port for instant recording of live video feeds to USB 3.0 hard disks.


SC6D0N8 is a standard 1U size unit with six channels of SDI and two channels of AIO ( HDMI / DVI-I / VGA / S-Video / YPbPr / CVBS ) input interface, each channel provides up to 1080p30 capturing and encoding. At its hardware, SC6D0N8 is equipped with USB2.0, RS232 and RS485 control interfaces, as well as USB3.0 and
two SATA interfaces for storage of video footages.

Streaming Scenario

SC6D0 series adapts to a variety of application scenarios and users is up to tailor make its control interface catering to their demands.

All channels of SC6D0 devices allow independent setting and tasks configurations and perform perfectly. Users are able to stream different protocols, bitrates and assign different tasks for each channel.

Capturing Capacity

SC6D0 series provide 4×1080P60 or 8×1080P30 or 1×4K ( P60 input / P30 recording and output ) video support. Input sources can be streamed to other SC6D0 devices to decode, PC terminals, or save locally as an iso recorder to SATA or USB3.0 hard disks.

PGM Seamless Switcher

PGM ( programmed video ) mode output provide various display layouts including quadview, PIP and PBP, etc. Yuan also provide customization service for users to design their own display mode.

All SC6D0 products are compatible with Yuan full-function SDK and demonstration applications. Our SDK encompasses over 100 powerful function modules including streaming, video editing or 3D recording to ensure less Research & Development efforts and time-to market solutions. All sample codes are available to our customers to freely design and develop software / system upon integrating with Yuan capture products. These diverse functions are made possible by Yuan SDK, supporting RTSP, RTMP, MMS, HLS, TS, and ONVIF2.0 protocols for users to broadcast their captured video online.
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