World’s First 4K60P Hybrid Video Converter Combining Full NDI® and NDI® | HX.
Taipei, Taiwan - Dec 13, 2021 -

YUAN introduces the first 4K60 NDI Hybrid video converter to combine Full NDI® and NDI® | HX for users to enjoy the advantages of low latency and lossless video quality. Nowadays, quite many television media have shifted their conventional video transmission infrastructure from SDI and HDMI to the IP-based NDI structure, allowing users to easily transmit video on top of the existing network infrastructure without needing to buy additional equipment. YUAN SC6F0N1 breaks through physical limitations of cabling network and emerges as the state-of-the-art video transmission system that simplifies our users’ deployment tasks.

NDI comes in two types of technologies – Full NDI® and NDI® |HX. NDI® | HX applies H.264 compression, its advantage is to steadily send signals with low bandwidth, video will not be affected by the limitation of network bandwidth. Single 1080p60 NDI stream will take only 10Mbps bandwidth and still workable in WIFI environment, which is very convenient to hardware deployment. NDI has been proved compatible with multiple software, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, OBS, vMix, Xsplit, Wirecast, mimoLive and Streamstar etc.

In application scenarios such as broadcasting or ProAV application where the high resolution video is highly demanded, Full NDI®, the nearly uncompressed version of NDI technology, can be utilized to provide high quality video with ultra-low latency. It takes only 30-50ms latency for Full NDI® to transmit uncompressed video.

Besides the support of Full NDI® and NDI® | HX, YUAN SC6F0N1 video converter also comes in two HDMI2.0 interfaces and a PoE Ethernet port, equipping SC6F0N1 the function to simultaneously transmit and receive. Users only need to have one SC6F0N1 to deploy it under different scenarios and need not worry about missing any piece of equipment that only may happen back in the conventional and complex construction.

YUAN SC6F0N1 HDMI2.0 will be launched in 2021 Q4 in Taiwan and worldwide market. In 2022, YUAN will introduce more NDI to AVIO and AVIO to NDI products.

For more information, please visit : SC6F0N1 HDMI2.0+

✻ NDI Support ( Separate License with NDI Required )

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