QCAP SDK is Now Officially Supported for NVIDIA Jetson Embedded System
Taipei, Taiwan - Aug 13, 2021 -

QCAP SDK is a software developing tool box to integrate YUAN’s capture cards. QCAP SDK provide many functions such as capturing, recording and streaming. While multi languages and platforms are supported, the developer-friendly API can allow users to alleviate the burden on developing and reduce developing time. QCAP SDK is accepted by developer all around the world and it is widely used in gaming, medical and education projects.

QCAP SDK is now thoroughly ported from Windows and Linux to nVIDIA Jetson embedded system. Besides keeping its generality and developer usability, QCAP SDK is now capable of supporting nVIDIA Jetson hardware platforms and nVIDIA Jetpack SW developing tools upper than 4.4 version.

By supporting Jetson platform, YUAN high tech help original QCAP users to develop software when striding in Jetson platform. Users can keep their developing results on original platform and hesitate no more due to changing platform.

About YUAN

Yuan High-Tech (GTSM: 5474), established in 1990 with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, is the leading force in the digital home entertainment, broadcasting and surveillance market. We deliver an extensive range of high-quality video/audio products for system integrators and ODM customers. As one of the major providers to these markets, YUAN’s solutions can be found within the product lines of worldwide leading ODM customers and channel partners.

We provid PCIe/miniPCIe/M.2 video capture card series, USB2.0/3.0 capture box/dongle series, video converter boxes series and streaming encoder boxes series to meet different markets’ needs. All video capture products with different form factors are supported by one driver and the same SDK which follows Windows Directshow or Linux v4l2 standards.

Our R&D teams design and develop hardware, drivers, firmware, FPGA and SDK packages to provide the best technical support for our customers. For more information, please visit: