Based on more and more requirements of remote control from video conference customers, we have created the model of UB570G PRO HDMI2.0 HDR w/HID. It innovatively combines the functions of Image Capture and Remote Control and is patented.
Taipei, Taiwan - Feb. 7, 2020 -

After introducing the two 4K30P video capture boxes, UB570G Pro HDMI2.0 HDR and UB570G Pro 12G-SDI HDR, based on the core technology, YUAN announce UB570 Pro HDMI2.0 HDR HID, our latest product combining two functions: capturing video and control PC.
UB570 Pro HDMI2.0 HDR HID offers remote access via USB control interface to control platforms placed in the distance and timely delivers video from controlled platforms back to the host PC.

By connecting USB and HDMI ports of UB570G Pro HDMI2.0 HDR HID to remote platforms users intend to control, the host platforms can send the date of keyboard and mouse to controlled platforms for remote operation. Video of the controlled PCs will be transmitted to UB570G Pro HDMI2.0 HDR HID from its HDMI2.0 output as a video source for host PC. UB570G Pro HDMI2.0 HDR HID provides users with HDMI2.0 video preview as well as HDMI2.0 loop-through as preview video for 3rd party equipment.

Same as UB570G product family, UB570G Pro HDMI2.0 HDR HID does not require an external power adaptor and any fan coolers, such feature makes UB570G Pro HDMI2.0 HDR HID an apt choice for applications requiring mobility or in confined spaces.

基於越來越多視訊會議客戶遠端控制上的需求,我們創造了 UB570G PRO HDMI2.0 HDR HID+,它創新的結合了影像擷取與遠端存取的功能,且取得專利。

在開發了多種規格的影像擷取盒後,許多曾經採用的客戶也提出了要求,希望能有一個在除了擷取畫面外,亦可同時使用既有 USB 介面控制遠端平台、且即時回饋受控端畫面的產品。

故於開發了 UB570G PRO HDMI2.0 HDR 與 UB570G PRO 12G-SDI HDR 等 4KP30 影像擷取盒後,基於 UB570G PRO HDMI2.0 HDR,聰泰科技開發了可用於影像擷取與控制電腦的 UB570G PRO HDMI2.0 HDR HID+

僅需要連接 UB570G PRO HDMI2.0 HDR HID 上的 USB 與 HDMI 至受控端平台,主控端平台便可將控制用鍵盤與滑鼠訊號傳輸至受控端平台進行控制,而受控端的影像則可以藉由原本的 HDMI2.0 擷取阜傳回 UB570G PRO HDMI2.0 HDR HID+,而 UB570G PRO HDMI2.0 HDR HID+ 除了提供主控端 HDMI2.0 影像擷取 / 預覽外,亦提供了 HDMI2.0 的影像環出,可供第三方儀器預覽之用。

更由於其無須外接變壓器與風扇的優點,UB570G PRO HDMI2.0 HDR HID+ 除可用影像擷取、控制外,更適於移動式與空間受限場所之用。

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