Best 10G AV over IP Solution
Taipei, Taiwan - Feb. 7, 2020 -

After joining the SDVoE alliance, YUAN has developed 4 major product lines for SDVoE ecosystem, including camera, VGA card, video converter box and video capture card.


AVP CAT Quad can handle up to 4 SDVoE, with 8K maximum output resolution. It also support USB HID for remote control.


SC800AVP, it provides 4Kp60 444 video transmitting with low latency, also, a 1G network interface for streaming.


YUAN releases not only the first 4Kp60 SDVoE capture card in the world but also the extended AVX, AVP capture cards. All of them are provided with two versions, viable for traditional cable transportation and fiber transportation.


Last but not the least, on the aspect of converter boxes, YUAN presents Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K and SDVoE to Multi Pro 4K. While transporting 4Kp60 signals, they have the features of low latency, no distortion, and USB signal transmit for KVM function.

YUAN releases follow up product for SDVoE format, AVP converter box, which also provides cable version and fiber version for usage.

最佳的 10G AV over IP方案

聰泰科技在加入 SDVoE 協會後,針對 SDVoE 的整體生態環境,我們一共開發了四大主軸產品線,內容涵蓋了攝影機、顯示卡、視訊轉換盒與影像擷取卡的整體解決方案。

AVP CAT Quad 提供了高達4個 SDVoE,最大可達8K的影像輸出,且其亦支援 USB HID 傳輸,可供遠方鍵盤滑鼠訊號傳輸之用。

SC800AVP 除了提供 4K60 444 低延遲的SDVoE影音傳輸外,亦同時提供了 1G 網路接口,可供一般影音串流之用。

在擷取卡上,除了世界上第一張 4KP60 SDVoE 影像擷取卡外,聰泰科技亦研發了光纖版本以及延伸的 AVX 跟後繼的 AVP 擷取卡,且同時推出銅軸與光纖版本,適用於傳統銅軸網路線或者光纖遠距傳輸之用。

最後則是在視訊轉換盒方面,聰泰科技同時推出了 Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K 與 SDVoE to Multi Pro 4K 兩台接收與傳輸裝置,其用於 4KP60 影音傳輸時,有低延遲、無失真等優點,且可傳輸USB訊號,用於遠端控制之用。

同時,針對 SDVoE 的後繼規格,我們亦推出了 AVP 版本的視訊轉換盒,且亦提供光纖 / 銅軸版本供客戶選擇之用。

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