Multiple 4K60 Input Capture Cards

Up to 8K60 Surround Video Capture

Taipei, Taiwan - April 16, 2020 -

After releasing SD, HD, FHD and even up to 4K resolution capture cards, YUAN shifts the target on the new generation standard, 8K resolution video capturing.

Based on the full discussion with customers and to meet their demand, we present SC710N4 12G-SDI and SC710N4 HDMI2.0. They are capable of capturing 4 channels of 4Kp60 or dealing with Quad link 8Kp60.

Besides 8Kp60 capture cards, YUAN also provides capture cards supporting 8K resolution with 30 frame rates, SC710N2 12G-SDI and SC710N2 HDMI2.0. Not only can they capture 2 channels of 4Kp60 signals, but also processing Dual link 8Kp30 video signal. ( SC710N2 12G-SDI is also viable for the old Quad link 3G-SDI )
Both SC710N4 12G-SDI and SC710N2 12G-SDI equip a Single channel 12G-SDI loop through.

於開發了 SD、HD、Full HD 以至 4KP30 / 60 的擷取卡後,聰泰科技很快的將開發目標瞄準於下一世代的規格, 8KP30 / 60 的影像擷取。

在 8K 的開發上,與眾多的客戶討論後,針對他們的寶貴意見,我們推出了 SC710N4 12G-SDI 與 SC710N4 HDMI2.0,可用於擷取4路 4KP60 影像或四鏈結 ( Quad link ) 的 8KP60 影像擷取卡。

除了 8KP60 外,聰泰科技亦設計了支援 8KP30 的影像擷取卡 SC710N2 12G-SDI 與 SC710N2 HDMI2.0,其亦支援了2路 4KP60 擷取或雙鏈結 8K30 影像擷取 ( SC710N2 12G-SDI 亦支援了兩路四鏈結,可供傳統的 Quad link 3G-SDI 接收之用 )。

SC710N4 12G-SDI 與 SC710N2 12G-SDI 均支援 12G-SDI 單路鏈結 ( Single link ) 環出,可供單路12G-SDI輸入時環出之用。

About YUAN

Yuan High-Tech ( GTSM : 5474 ), established in 1990 with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, is the leading force in the digital home entertainment, broadcasting and surveillance market, delivering an extensive range of high-quality video/audio products for system integrators and ODM customers. As one of the major providers to these markets, YUAN’s solutions can be found within the product lines of worldwide leading ODM customers and channel partners.

We provided PCIe / miniPCIe / M.2 video capture card series, USB2.0/3.0 capture box/dongle series, video converter boxes series and streaming encoder boxes series to meet different markets’ needs. All video capture products with different form factors are supported by one driver and the same SDK which follows Windows Directshow or Linux v4l2 standards.

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