Much More Than Just Encoder
Taipei, Taiwan - Mar. 30, 2020 -

YUAN bring an overall upgrade to the entire SC6D0 streaming encoder family after developing a variety of embedded systems, this round of upgrades we covers many of our existing products from signal channel, multiple channel, 4K and FHD encoders.

SC6D0 product family provides our customers with not only H.265 / H.264 hardware encoding and decoding of different video formats but also receiving and publishing via various streaming protocols, including RTMP, RTSP, TS, now to H.265 encoding as well as new VoIP protocols, such as NDI / SRT.

Other than the function to stream and to encode, SC6D0 is an open platform for developers. We have transplanted our powerful QCAP SDK from PC to the SC6D0 platform, which allows existing QCAP SDK users to quickly migrate their verified software on X86 PC platforms to SC6D0 embedded platforms. The process of development on SC6D0 will be as easy as developing in PC environment.

Our hardware reinvention starts from SC6D0N4 AIO, a new member of SC6D0N4 product lineup and developed based on the SC6D0N4 kernel board after receiving feedbacks from customers. SC6D0N4 AIO offers 4chs HDMI / SDI interfaces, 4chs 1080p60 video recording/processing with H.265 encoding and NDI streaming. SC6D0N4 AIO comes in 1U compact size, which makes in a suitable solution to fit inside servers. The model also comes in a new variant with support of transmission of USB HID commands, SC6D0N4 AIO HID+. Users can control the slave PCs with keyboards and mouses connected to SC6D0N4 AIO HID+.

We upgrade the specification of SC6D0N4 HDMI and SC6D0N4 SDI as well, another members of multi-channel encoders. The two products will be built in with new kernels and now support H.265 video encoding and decoding.

For single channel encoder family, we first upgrade the kernel and peripheral design of SC6D0N1 HDMI2, a 4K30P encoder to SC6D0N1 HDMI2+. The new upgrades include 4K60P encoding and streaming, with PoE, RS232 / RS485, allowing customers with more flexibility when they need to design a streaming setup.

The other single channel encoder we upgrade the spec is SC6D0N1 AIO. Inheriting the hardware specifications of SC6C0N1 AIO, SC6D0N1 AIO is equipped with various signal interfaces, including YPbPr, CVBS, DVI and HDMI etc., while in support of decoder function, same as other SC6D0 products with local video preview from HDMI output.


在開發了眾多的嵌入式系統系列後,我們為旗下的 SC6D0 系列帶來全方面的更新,以為客戶帶來更好的使用體驗,升級的產品線眾多,涵蓋了單路、多路、4K、HD 等等。

SC6D0 系列不只提供了各種視訊的 H264 / H265 硬體壓縮與解壓縮以外,同時更提供了多種串流格式上的收流與拋流,包含了 RTSP、RTMP、TS,且支援 H265 壓縮與NDI/SRT等多種網路視訊傳輸標準。

除了提供了多種串流與壓縮的功能外,SC6D0 同時也是一個相當適用於開發者的平台,我們將 PC 上強大的 QCAP SDK 整合至此嵌入式平台,讓既有的 QCAP SDK 使用者可以將 PC 上將已經驗證的軟體迅速的移植至嵌入式平台上,如同在 PC 上開發一般的輕鬆。

在硬體的更新上面,首先是 SC6D0N4 AIO,其基於 SC6D0N4 核心版,在收到了眾多客戶在 SC6D0 系列上使用的回饋後,我們推出了SC6D0N4 AIO,SC6D0N4 AIO提供了四路 HDMI / SDI 複用接口,最多可達四路 1080P60 影像錄製與處理,且支援 H265 壓縮與 NDI 傳輸,最適於網路視訊串流之用,同時更將機身高度壓縮至 1U 之內,適合用於伺服器內架設之用;其亦有支援 USB HID 訊號傳輸的 SC6D0N4 AIO HID+ 版本,可藉由 SC6D0N4 AIO HID+ 上的鍵盤滑鼠控制遠端電腦之用。

而在同樣多路的產品線上,我們帶來升級的產品還有 SC6D0N4 HDMI 與 SC6D0N4 SDI,基於新核心打造的 SC6D0N4 HDMI 與 SC6D0N4 SDI 將可在原本的 H264 之外,更增添了 H265 供使用者視訊硬體壓縮 / 解壓縮之用。

而在單路的產品線上,首先我們為之前的 SC6D0N1 HDMI2 做了核心與周邊上的提升成為 SC6D0N1 HDMI2+,除了將原本的 4K30 串流提升至 4K60 外,更多支援了 PoE、RS232 與 RS485 等功能,讓使用者在安裝、佈署時更有彈性。

最後是 SC6D0N1 AIO,SC6D0N1 AIO 一如之前的 SC6C0N1 AIO,擁有多種輸入介面,包含了 YPbPr、CVBS、DVI、HDMI 等等,且同於其他的 SC6D0 系列,包含了解碼的功能,自帶 HDMI 可供本機端預覽畫面之用。

About YUAN

Yuan High-Tech ( GTSM : 5474 ), established in 1990 with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, is the leading force in the digital home entertainment, broadcasting and surveillance market, delivering an extensive range of high-quality video/audio products for system integrators and ODM customers. As one of the major providers to these markets, YUAN’s solutions can be found within the product lines of worldwide leading ODM customers and channel partners.

We provided PCIe / miniPCIe / M.2 video capture card series, USB2.0/3.0 capture box/dongle series, video converter boxes series and streaming encoder boxes series to meet different markets’ needs. All video capture products with different form factors are supported by one driver and the same SDK which follows Windows Directshow or Linux v4l2 standards.

Our R&D teams design and develop hardware, drivers, firmware, FPG and SDK packages to provide the best technical support for customers. For more information, visit :