Customizable Streaming Platform
Taipei, Taiwan - Dec 13, 2018 -

YUAN presents the first development board for our customers to customize and develop their own multiple channels A/V encoder / decoder, SC6D0N4 AIO, after introducing various single and multiple A/V encoders to the market. Other from the different signal inputs ( SDI / HDMI / DVI-SL ) on daughterboards for customers to select on their products, SC6D0N4 AIO further provides 4ch FHD encoding / decoding and supports H.264 and H.265 encoding. The audio inputs of SC6D0N4 AIO support 4chs unbalanced analog line-in and 4chs balanced XLR input.
在推出各式各樣的單路 / 多路影音串流產品於市場後,聰泰決定推出第一款可供客戶自行客製的多路影音編碼 / 解碼器核心板,SC6D0N4 AIO,除了可供客戶自行規劃多種輸入 ( SDI / HDMI / DVI-SL ) 子板外,更提供了4路高清編碼 / 解碼功能,且硬體同時支援H.264 / 265;而在聲音上,則支援4組Line in非平衡音源輸入與4組XLR平衡音源輸入。

Motherboard / Daughterboard Assembled

SC6D0N4 AIO comes in different controlling and connectivity interfaces, including USB2.0, RS232 / 485 and M.2/MiniCard, for customers to connect with keyboard, mouse, add-on cards and HDD; USB3.0, SD card, SATA interfaces are included as well for customers to record and playback video, so as to increase the functionality.
針對周邊連接性,其提供了USB2.0 、RS232 / 485 、與M.2 / MiniCard等多樣介面,可供鍵盤 、滑鼠 、擴充卡與硬碟等元件新增;同時也提供了USB3.0 、SD卡槽與SATA予客戶錄製 / 回放影片之用;

RS232 / 485
M.2 / MiniCard
USB3.0 / SD Card

PGM Seamless Switcher
PGM ( programmed video ) mode output provide various display layouts including quadview, PIP and PBP, etc. Yuan also provide customization service for users to design their own display mode.
PGM( 導播 )輸出模式提供無縫切換畫面及多樣化的拼接模版,包括四分割、子母畫面、畫面並排等,亦可自訂參數調整每一路的畫面尺寸及位置,聰泰同時也提供客製化服務,協助客戶設計專屬的樣式。

SC6D0N4 AIO also comes with SDK and developable WebUI, providing customers the advantage to quickly develop their own software while planning on hardware configuration.
而在軟體開發上,SC6D0N4 AIO同樣擁有著可供客製的Web UI介面與SDK開發工具,可供客戶在規劃硬體之餘,快速的開發軟體。

SC6D0N4 AIO assists customers to plan products with more flexibility and uniqueness, standing out from the same series of products in the market, at the same time shortening development time span and saving customers’ cost.
客戶可以藉由SC6D0N4 AIO,規劃出更有彈性與特色的產品,同時不論在軟硬體上均增加與同業產品的差異性,更兼顧開發時程與成本。

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