Market Application

• Background

 Recorded video clips and snapshots from legacy analog CCTV camera and DVR is limited image detail and resolution. Further, there could be distortion and attenuation caused during transmission which could bring damaged images. It will bring difficulties to companies and organizations for their security.

• Solution

 With 3G/HD-SDI technology, high quality, uncompressed video can be transmitted in real-time without any delay. Crystal-clear video quality, high frame rate, and wide view angle brings detail-rich image and more image data for better result of high-end analysis.

YUAN High-Tech brings full range of 3G/HD-SDI solutions for surveillance market. These high-quality devices are widely adopted by many system integrators and organization worldwide.

In the front-end, SDI repeater and SDI could be deployed for signal repeat and split to multiple security sites. On each site, SDI2VGA-S and SDI2HD-S, benefit from its built-in video scaler engine, can be used to view real-time image on traditional and modern monitors. In the security servers, SC542 family can be used for high-end video analysis and SC5C0 family can be used for high-quality video recording and streaming for remote monitoring. Full range of 3G/HD-SDI solutions brings best convenience for system integration and application.

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