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• Enjoy your gaming, and share great records and moments with friends

 “I break the record and claimed all the trophies!”

 ‘Really! Show me how you did it!’

 How to share the great record you did and the moments?

With YUAN High-Tech gaming HD capture series, live video from game consoles can be recorded real-time when you are playing. Unlike market competitors’ solutions, YUAN High-Tech knows you want to enjoy the game on your high-quality and large screen TV sets, UB658G provides video by-pass function. You can connect the video output from game consoles into UB658G, and UB658G provides video by-pass output for you to connect to TV sets. With YUAN gaming HD capture series, enjoy and share at the same time is so easy.

• Enjoy high-definition entertainment, together at the same time

 YUAN High-Tech also provided SC330 series for target tracking usage.
SC330 series is suitable for detect the action of the teacher, 4 standalone camera can provided a perfect capture of the teacher’s action.

 Common scenario : You are just trying to break the race track record on game consoles, but the baseball broadcasting from HD Set-top-box is on the way. What a hard decision…

With YUAN High-Tech HD capture product lines, just connect all the HD sources such as game consoles and set-top-box together onto the SC542 family. You can play 1080p60 video games while record multiple HD TV broadcasting from set-top-box at the same time. SC5C0 family provides the same function, but with built-in high-quality hardware H.264 encoder to free-up your CPU power.

Enjoy everything at the same time. Never lose any joyful moments!

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