Market Application

• Capture the whole course, including record and streaming.

 For modern school and classes, many cameras are used for recording educational activities of the teacher and the students.   YUAN High-Tech SC5A0 series capture cards are capable to record 1080P30 video by many common video interfaces (Example: SDI, HDMI, DVI-D, YPbPr,… etc.), and streaming protocols(Example: RTSP, RTMP, HLS, …etc.).
SC5A0 series also provide hardware H.264 compression, which can save more CPU resource and allow users to run more PC applications in the same time.

• Target Tracking for every important words.

 YUAN High-Tech also provided SC330 series for target tracking usage.
SC330 series is suitable for detect the action of the teacher, 4 standalone camera can provided a perfect capture of the teacher’s action.

 Cyan color visual field: Capture whole classroom with recording and streaming. Yellow color visual field: Capture teacher’s action and recording.

SC5A0 series also provide low profile form factor models for smaller system/server usage, which is suitable when the space is limited. The length of SC330 series are below 90cm, this makes SC330 series is perfect for many modern PC and barebones usage.

Recommended Products

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