AI - Object Detection物件辨識
Timely cross comparison and detect info of scenes and object appear in video

With the aids of YUAN QDEEP SDK and the accuracy trained by a huge database, other than applications of smart retail, payment control and stock management, QDEEP SDK provides more information for store owners to refer to during managing and tracking consumer behaviours, including calculating in-store and window-shopping customer flows, in-store hotspot areas, customer’s browsing trajectory.
透過YUAN QDEEP SDK及準確大量資料庫的協助下,除了智慧零售業可用於結帳、倉儲管理外,可提供更多資訊提供商家管理參考,包括進店人數統計,店外顧客徘徊、店內熱點區域、顧客店內行徑軌跡等,進而追蹤分析顧客的消費行為。

QDEEP SDK can also be applied to smart city relevant businesses, including traffic control, traffic flow analysis and vehicle counting etc. All of which can further be integrated with license plate recognition to attain smart traffic management such as precise detections and determinations of traffic flows, violations and accidents, assisting national police to work efficiently.

Technical Advantages技術優勢
What You See Is What You Get
Timely data output of detected items, quantity and percentage of resemblance etc. through real-time edge computing.

Precise Recognition
Result of comparison is unaffected by environmental factors including day/night, weather, light etc. and applicable to any scenes.

Path Tracking
Precise tracking of moving courses and directions of different objects to extrapolate probable following routes and directions.


Auto Labeling
With YUAN Labeling software, users can simply load any video into the tool to run auto object detection and correct the output anytime and saves users a significant amount of time to develop.
經由YUAN Labeling軟體可自動偵測標示影像中的物件,可隨時微調修正,快速完成標示可大幅節省作業時間

Application Scenarios應用場景
Smart City · Traffic Control and Analysis
Smart Retail Checkout System

Factory Quality Control

Crowd Analysis in Public Spaces