AI - Image Labeling影像標註
Open for customers to label objects and movements in video at will

Labeling software is a crucial part of artificial intelligence. The tool decides the diversity and accuracy of object detection, and YUAN owns a set of labeling software developed entirely on our own for customers to train models they need. Customers can organize their labeling team and collect video data on their own. Users can define objects needed to be detected and label those data no matter those are from confidential sources or for customized projects.
More importantly, the labeling software integrates the function to train deep learning model. GPU takes in video data labeled at the software and generates data file to be copied directly to QDEEP SDK after computing and learning. Our customers can build an AI deep learning system with our labeling tool.
標註軟體在人工智慧辨識上是不可或缺的一環,決定了辨識物件的多樣性與準確度,聰泰科技擁有完全自主開發的標註軟體供客戶使用,客戶可自行搜集影像資料,在地化建立自己的影像標示團隊,無論是機密性的資料或是客製化的需求,皆可於標註軟體上自行定義並標示完成,同時提供AI模型訓練功能,標註完成的影像檔案透過系統上的GPU訓練學習後產生數據檔案,直接複製到QDEEP SDK中使用,即可自主建構一個AI深度學習推論系統。

Block Diagram流程方塊圖
Supported Features
QDEEP SDK provides various functions software developers frequently require, and it meanwhile supports the following hardware and deep learning models.

Support Hardware : nVIDIA CUDA , Intel Movidius
Deep Learning Architecture : TensorFlow , CAFFE

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