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Hi-Fi Products
HeadPhone Amplifier
HPA001 is a Box Size Amplifier that Boosts the Audio Signal when only Headphones are used.
It improves the Sound Quality to Satisfy the Critical Ears of AudioPhiles and is Compatible with all Headphones.
Level Gain 20dB.
Input Impedance < 0.5 ohms.
Output Power > 100mW
Dimensions 11.3(L) × 7.5(W) × 2.5(H)cm.
Output Impedance < 0.5 ohms.
Suitable Headphone Impedance Rance 16ohms ~ 600ohms.
Frequency Response 5Hz ~ 50KHz +/- 0.1dB.
DC Servo - 3dB Frequency 0.3Hz.
DC Observing Tracking Frequency < 6Hz.
Power Consumption < 5W (Class A Weighted).
Power Supply Requirement 24VDC, 10Wmin.
Output Current Limit 600mA / each channel.