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SD Video Capture
PD652 3D / UB652 3D
Auto adjustment video quality by Vision-Clear technology
Vision - Clear Technology
Original Vision-Clear Contents
3D Y/C De-Interlacer
Adjust Jaggy Edges & Motion Blurs. Covert the videos from interlace to progressive format.
3D Noise Reduction
Decrease video noise ambiance in dim or other condition to enhance video quality and make 30% recorded file space to be saved.
Accelerate video clarity in the streams which are taken at harsh weather environment. (i.e. Foggy, Misty or Splashing water drops….etc.)
Interface USB 2.0
Input Video Composite video in.
S video in – Mini Din connector.
Audio R / L Audio in - 2 RCA jacks.
Dimension PD652 3D 18(W) × 77(L) × 14(H) mm.
UB652 3D 45(W) × 72.8(L) × 20(H) mm.
Function Support DVD - quality video record on PC ( 720 × 480 - NTSC, 720 × 576 - PAL ).
Various video source support.
Full motion display : 30fps @720 × 480-NTSC and 25fps @720 × 576-PAL.