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Apr, 12, 2012
YUAN High-Tech Unveils the USB 3.0 1080p60 Full HD External Capture Device
 Taipei, Taiwan, Apr. 2, 2012 – YUAN High-Tech, the well-known solutions provider of multimedia and surveillance market, today introduced the UB530, the first of the market, USB 3.0 Full HD (Full High Definition), 1080p60 capable capture device.
 USB 3.0 is the latest external interconnect standard which provides higher bandwidth and better data transfer efficiency compared to USB 2.0 standard. Leverage from this technology, UB530 is an ideal solution for professionals, organizations from broadcasting, multimedia, surveillance, educational and medical market, as well as enthusiasts, who want to enjoy the 1080p60 Full HD experience seamlessly on both desktop and laptop computers equipped with USB 3.0 interface.
 Unlike mainstream capture devices which only equipped with USB 2.0 interconnect and run with 480i/576i video resolution, the state-of-the-art UB530 provides unparalleled user experience with uncompressed crystal-clear video quality and real-time Full HD 1080p60 support. UB530 also equips with multiple interfaces including SDI, HDMI, DVI-I, VGA (through DVI-I to VGA header), Component (YPbPr), S-Video and Composite, which are widely adopted by broadcasting, multimedia, surveillance, and PC industry.
 Together with innovative hardware design and promising specification, the UB530 package also includes powerful and rock-solid SDK (Software Development Kit) which is compatible with Microsoft™ DirectShow. This ensures system integrators and ODM customers the most reliable and ease-of-use method to integrate the UB530 with their valued existing development result and make it compatible with professional video editing software.
About YUAN High-Tech
 YUAN, with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, is a leading force in the digital home entertainment, surveillance and PCTV market, delivering an extensive range of solutions for system integrator and ODM customer in the multimedia and surveillance market. As one of the major providers to these markets, YUAN’s solutions can be found with the products of leading ODM customers and channel partners worldwide. For further information about YUAN and its products, please consult the Company’s web site: www.yuan.com.tw .
 NOTE: YUAN High-Tech, the YUAN logo and UB530 are either trademarks or registered trademarks of YUAN High-Tech in the Taiwan and /or other countries. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.